About Me

Well what can I say about myself? hmmm… Well… I’m 22, a broke college student trying to do his thing out here in Kutztown. My major is Professional Writing, and I’m minoring in both literature/political science. I’m Latino and proud of my heritage and yes I speak Spanish. I look forward to becoming a positive role model for my people, someday. I love to write– if that is not apparent from my major– and I will be hopefully publishing some of my work sometime this year. I’ve been in college for three years and I still don’t know what I’m going to do after I graduate. Maybe go to Grad school, and get my education on, but who knows. I’m a crazy Indy Colts fan, we the best baby!! And I think Peyton Manning is the best QB to play the game, ever! I love watching sports, NBA, NFL, and anything that else that seems really competitive (Tour de France), on T.V. Most importantly, I love to learn and experience new things.


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