Imagination: A Shift in Consciousness



It was such a great day today in the City of Reading with two wonderful events that I had the pleasure of attending.

At the TEA Factory on Willow street I attended an event called “Shift 2012: Celebrating a New Age in Reading.” In a nutshell, the event centered on a perceived shift of consciousness that I believe Reading, PA is currently undergoing. It was a great event which included people just like me and you expressing themselves through the use of art, fiction, spoken word, music. My dear friend David Nazario also shared an excerpt from his upcoming book “I’m David, Christianity is Goliath Why love is more important than religion.” It was an excellent time for him to read this excerpt because it stuck true to the ideals of the event. New Beginnings, new way of thought, and more importantly a new collective consciousness. Of course, I can’t not shout out one of my former professors Dr. Heather Thomas and the powerful readings she gave today. My love for poetry came directly from what she taught me as a student in her Intro to Poetry class. Believe me she still got it!

After that wonderful event, I went to 3rd and Spruce park were there was a remembrance ceremony for the victims of the Sandy Hook Massacre. I’m so proud of the organizers, one who happens to be my neighbor, for putting together such a wonderful event. This is proof positive that the community is taking in serious my plea in my last blog entry. All it takes is a little bit of initiative and great things can happen. No where is this more evident hen this event that took place today. The young ladies all had the imagination to put together this event, had the imagination to coordinte the city to allow it usage of the park, the imagination to know that citizens of a town as far as way as Reading is fron Newton, Connecticut cared enough to want to remember the lives of all those lost last week. And with this imagination came the initiative to make things happen. Obvisouly the circumstances of this cermony is one we all hopes never happens again; but acts of civil-activism is excatly what our city needs at this point.

The ceremony was Mc’d by the Reverend Frank McCracken Sr, who started by reminding each one of us of the importance of love besting all evil. As the program proceeded three poems where read by various speakers. As the poems where read, you could hear the genuine hurt in the voices of those individuals. It was a very emotional moment to see and I wish all of you where there to hear it. Moments like these make me realize just how special our community actually is. Sure we may all have our differences but in times of crisis its the American way for us to coalesce and heal as a community. As we crowd of 50 plus huddled together, (to see more closely, while also benefiting from the body heat of the next) around the small children who were given balloons to release into the air in remembrance of the 27 murdered on that fateful day. On the count of three they let go and for a brief moment in history the sky was filled with white balloons. And as they rose the crowd began to sing a wonderful rendition of “Amazing Grace,” IT TRULY WAS AN INSPIRATIONAL MOMENT.

Events like these reaffirmed to me the belief that I have that Reading has it’s best days in front of her. With a little bit of imagination, but most importantly initiative we can together create great things. Remember the quote I used last blog post. But I’ll repeat it again because I believe in it so much:

‘If you cant do great things, remember that you can do small things in a great way.”


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