Rebirth: The Power of Initiative

It’s been quite sometime since I have written anything on this blog. I guess I could use a number of excuses right now to explain my absence. The fact is there isn’t one. If you want to blame anyone, please blame me; I lost the spark for quite sometime. The ability to challenge myself was gone and so went the aspirations to this blog. Somewhere along the way the fire went cold and I was no longer interested in writing, or anything else for that matter. In essence, you can say that I quit. I quit on myself, but most importantly, I quit on the founding ideals I laid out when I first started this blog. I quit on my community, comfortable to stand on the sidelines and let ‘someone else do it,’ knowing I had the ability to make a difference by speaking my mind through this blog. I’m sorry. Mostly, I want to apologize directly to a few individuals ,who will remain anonymous, who had to deal with me when I did not even want to deal with myself and became the very thing I fought against for so long: Being apathetic.

But the time for standing on the side-lines is now over! Life continues and now more than ever The City of Reading needs the one thing that had failed me for so long until now: Initiative. Yes, that’s right I said it. if you don’t believe this is exactly what the city needs one need to look no further than then the utter disfunction ranging from the federal right on down to our city government and city school board. If you want to look at it from a micro point of view: You could argue that the majority of the school-age children in the city of Reading lack initiative. How many have picked up a book during the summer months without being told to read? Those numbers don’t lie. Now you might be asking what exactly does he mean by initiative?

Now that’s a great question!

“As a great Philosopher once said: ” Initiative is the pass-key that opens the door to opportunity.” Those who work for money alone and who receive for their pay nothing but money, are always underpaid. This is what has been missing in our community, the habit of doing more for less. Sure our city is in a desperate situation both politically and financially, that doesn”t mean we have to settle for the status quo, though. People are up working right now trying to live out the American dream in ways that are both creative and productive to our community at large. And that’s happening right here in Reading. What I’m saying is we need more people like this.

We need you!

Yes, you!

to help us in this transformation. The problem is we have become much to complacent in our once disorganized effort to make lasting change in the city. Do this: grab a piece of paper and write down any sentence that comes to mind. It doesn’t matter what it says just write it. Ok. Now after you’ve finished crafting your masterpiece of a sentence , ask yourself could this sentence have been better if I took the organized effort to write it? Blow it up and ask the universal question: Have I’ve given life everything I have or am I drifting aimlessly? What is the City Of Reading’s definite purpose? besides taxing and representation. What is it’s purpose. Are we really one of the poorest cities in the nation? Yes. Are our students failing? Yes. Is our national government, down to the city government failing us? Yes. We’ve been marked as failures… But do we have to stay failures for long? No!

Each of us can do our small part in making a difference. Whether its reading to your child more often, volunteering at a local food bank, etc. You get my point: Doing more for less. The answers to the questions we seek are inside all of us. We just have to be brave enough to face the person in the mirror first. To humble ourselves by providing opportunities not only to ourselves but in the mutual benefit for the community at large. Each one of us has a motor that runs on initiative and right now, I’m giving away gallons of it for free! Are we really a collection of all those awful things said about our city, our children, and our culture on the internet? If we’re not, then what are we willing to do to change those perceptions? Better question: What are you personally willing to do to make our city a better place for all?

My journey leads me back to this blog. This is my calling. What I love to do and where I believe I can make the most difference in this city, besides my community activism. My vision is to keep you up to date with everyday life in Reading while providing an avenue to have frank discussions about the future. This is how I change my little piece of the city. And all it takes is a little bit of initiative and a whole a lot of an imagination. But I believe I will succeed because I’ve planted that seed into my subconscious. My piece of Reading has been taken and there are many more slices for the taking (No seconds though) How will you change your individual piece of the pie for the overrall good?


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