What’s wrong with the Reading Community?

So here we go after reading today some of the articles in the Reading Eagle today I’ve been pondering one question: What’s wrong with the Reading community? It seems to me, that any positive news articles about minorities gets blasted by Reading residents slamming either the Latino community or the Black community for that matter. It’s like if we are not in the news for selling drugs, killings, robbings’, and anything else these people can think of  it’s not worth their time. Nobody cares that the Latino community might have something positive to contribute to the city. Reading some of the comments that people have left on several articles in the Reading Eagle today it makes me feel as if we are not important, or considered important, to our neighborhoods, our politicians, and the people that live with us in this city. The troubles of our city is not to be blamed on one particular group or race. If we are to ever change the atmosphere of our city, we need a collective approach to our problems. Ranting on articles about the woes and plagues that you think Latinos have brought to this city is not going to help us solve our problems. In fact, it further drives us a part.

These fear-mongers are the primary reason why we haven’t seen any progress in the many problems that the City of Reading, like many other urban cities in America face. Throwing us in the dirt, repeatedly reminding us that we live off of the sweat of the masses backs, however untrue that is, drives us apart and further thickens the sterotypical lines that divide us. These people just don’t understand that if we fail as a community to uplift each other, we all fail as a whole! Continually pointing the finger at one people, one race, and one culture doesn’t get us anywhere closer to solving the many issues this city faces. They continue to separate us when we should be coming together as a concerned community who can come togther as a collective unit to change the atmosphere that surrounds Reading, PA currently.

Together we can, but divided we fail! It only starts with one person.

Read some of the comments made on this articles:

Dominicans Celebrate

Latino District Judge candidate


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