New year, Same Story but exciting times ahead!


I know I haven’t been able to update the blog as I had originally thought. My final semester at Kutztown is killing me!!! Through it all though, I know that the light is at the end of the tunnel and boy am I ready for what’s next!  The city of Reading has so much potential and right now is the moment to take advantage of the spotlight and show the world we are ready to change the atmosphere– and the disillusionment of failure. We have elections coming up very soon,on March 15 to be exact, for the seat of the late Senator O’Pake up for grabs. Of course, to replace such an iconic figure is not something that should be walked into lightly. But I am confident that former Berks County Commissioner, Judy Schwank will do a commendable job in advocating for the rights and the welfare of the residents of the city of Reading. Go out and volunteer and donate to her campaign as she will need all the support that we can give her since she is facing a tough battle against against  Republican Larry Medagila Jr who was just recently endorsed by Gov. Tom Corbett. And for all you people who notice the small things, Medagila’s website actually uses the same picture we use here to identify this blog. Coincidence, maybe!

In other news, Reading PA is also gearing up to what will be an exciting Mayoral race with a slew of candidates that all seem qualified, at least at face value, to lead Reading into a new era. Disclosure:  One of my close friends, Mr. Juan Zabala is one of those candidates so obviously I might be a little bias here. That won’t stop me,however, from being as objective as possible. Yes, Juan is a great friend of mine but his campaign and message needs work too! This Mayoral race is so important to the future of Reading PA and I will urge all of you to do all of the following things:

  1. Register to vote!! ( You can’t complain about any poltical situations if you don’t register yourself to make a difference)
  2. Visit all the candidates’ websites and get a feel for who they are and what they stand for. Ultimately, it will be one of these leaders that we will all look up to to lead our city into better times.
  3. Ask tough questions. Don’t be afraid to contact any of these Mayoral (Or Senate candidates for that manner) and let them know about some of the issues affecting our community.
  4. Be on the look out for debates and issues forums that may come about in the future. This is an avenue for these candidates to debate each others ideas in a public format. Survival of the Fittest, right?
  5. Finally, GO OUT AND ACTUALLY VOTE! Just registering is not enough. Your vote is your voice so go out and show the world you are more than what the media says you are.

These are very exciting times in the city of Reading, come help us be a part of the solution in our quest to transform this city into what we all know it can become Greatness!


How to reach the candidates (Both Mayoral and Senatorial)

Juan Zabala for Mayor

Francis Acosta for Mayor

Vaughn Spencer for Mayor

Judy Schwank for Senate

Larry Medagila for Senate


Please do your research and become informed citizens! The City of Reading needs you to help make a difference! P.S. this list will be further expanded on as more candidates post their websites. Hopefully, I can get an interview with one of them. Keep your fingers crossed.


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