First Friday a Cultural Revolution?

Reading, PA has been hit by a mega storm of talented performers, artists, poets, food vendors, and just creative awesomeness every First Friday of every month of the year.  The event focuses on  all aspects of our cultural awareness and frankly, I’m surprised no one has thought of this type of event sooner. First Friday is everything that Reading PA ought to be. It becomes a public forum of sorts, to present to the world all the magnificent talent we have in the Greater Reading area. People are invited to share their talents, whether that is singing , acting, spoken word, etc. It doesn’t matter! This event is all about creating awareness of some of the good things going on in the City of Reading. It’s funny to me that the Reading Eagle, or the Morning Call for that manner, have written/reported so very little about such a phenomenal event. Obviously, positive events such as First Friday don’t sell newspapers and it should be the other way around.

Held at the Goggleworks originally though this month’s First Friday event  will be held at the Abraham Lincoln hotel in Downtown Reading  from 5-8pm. First Friday’s is a coming together of great minds all for the common good. A great place to network and find people who’s interest all lie in breaking through the stereotypes that are projected on to us by the media. A fun-filled Friday afternoon/evening to enjoy the many cultural aspects that each participant has to offer the world. Before even walking into the door you can already feel the positive energy flowing, as people are discussing their goals and aspirations with each other in a concerted effort to better themselves and their community. This event screams positivity and the vibe that you get from the numerous performers opening their souls to the audience, is something that rubs off on you hours after you leave this experience. Yes, I’ll call it an experience because First Friday is more than just a sit-down and listen type of event. First Friday is an opportunity to see the wonderful talent that Reading has to offer and also a great opportunity to speak with like-minded individuals who value the same proities that you do.  Art, culture, intelligent conversation, and a blending of ideas and ideology that only makes us into better citizens, and in the macro sense, better human beings.

The City of Reading needs more experiences like these. Somehow we need to show our young people that our environment is not filled with gangstas and drug dealers and everything else you can think of. We need to showcase the great parts of Reading a lot more. And events like First Friday is a start. Our young people need to see that there are people who are similar to their age, and background for that manner, that are trying to positively affect our community with events that enhance our cultural experiences and give us a glimpse of the the future can be like if we all work together.

Check First Friday on Facebook at:

First Friday on Facebook

Together we can make a difference!


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