Is Closing Down a Latino Cultural Class Racist?

Recently in Arizona besides the brutal attack against Congresswoman Giffords and several others, Arizona is back in the headlines but this time because the state has decided to end a Latino cultural class. The class which teaches its students to be proud of their culture is being cancelled because officials believe that the class is brainwashing and spreading propaganda about Latinos plight in this country. Hogwash is what I’d like to call it, Arizona has made it clear the negative campaign it wants to wage against Latinos in that state. And once again, this is another attempt to silence and disenfranchise Latinos. It is clear to me, as it should be to everyone else, that Arizona  does not want nor do they care about the Latinos residing in that state. Most Americans who are mostly in agreement that Latinos are the most discriminated group in the country and this decision coming from Arizona only adds more wood chips to the already burning fire. I find it extremely hypocritical that the same lawmakers who court Latino votes are also the same elected politicians who continually back stab Latinos because of the bigotry and superiority that they feel they have over Latinos everywhere across the nation.

And it’s not like Arizona can complain. In the preliminary Census findings Arizona is likely to gain at least one seat in the House of Representatives, in large part because of the increase over the decade of Latinos in the state.  Yet, whenever issues that affect Latinos, such as the importance of the cultural education that is taught in these “ethnic” classes, Lawmakers turn around and forget about the people that elected them there. They don’t want these classes to teach Latino students that at this point in time in American history they are being oppressed, like we should sugar coat the existence of a Latino in a country where any time it is given the chance degrades Latinos and the accomplishments they have had in this country. Because even though the majority of Latinos are surrounded by poverty everywhere they look, the topic of poverty and those who live in poverty who  are disenfranchised are not topics of discussions in our classrooms. It’s not about victimizing our students, its about empowering Latinos across the nation to the reality of living as a Latino in this country.  Especially living in such a state like Arizona, which is on a witch hunt against anyone who looks, proclaims, smells, talks,  or even has any type of a resemble of a Latino.  When will Latinos awake and organize to fight the status quo and fight for our right to receive a good quality education, which we can use to empower our people to something more than what the T.V. likes to portray about us? Is closing down a Latino Cultural Class Racist, I would say yes!! What do you think?

Arizona Orders Tucson to End Mexican-American Studies Program –


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