City teachers learning Spanish

In a city where Latinos comprise 75% of the student population, why hasn’t anyone thought of this sooner? In most of these kids households Spanish is the predominate language spoken; and in almost all the situations parents do not speak English sufficiently to even speak with teachers regarding their children  performance in school.  The last thing that anybody needs is there to be another barrier in the education of our children here in Reading. I’ll go out on a limb and say that 95% of these parents don’t have any type of formal education as it is, so when these young kids bring homework chances are they are not getting the support that they need. This is great that our teachers are, at least, trying to overcome at least one barrier– and probably the most important one– language.

A simple and basic understanding of Spanish can help our teachers have frank discussions with their parents about the performance of their children.  In my opinion, our teachers should at least know one other language to qualify to teach in our inner-cities. What do you guys think? Do you guys think its a good idea for our teachers to learn Spanish to better communicate with parents who don’t speak English?

City teachers learning Spanish.


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