Why the Senate not passing the Dream Act Should be viewed as Disrespect to all Latinos

I know this maybe a little old, but that still doesn’t mean it does not upset me. As a Latino living in Reading I have had many friends that I graduated with from high school  who could not go to college, nor could they afford to pay out of pocket to do so. While the naysayers will say that this bill is nothing more than a(n) ‘amnesty bill,’ the Dream Act represents so much more than that.  Its an opportunity for Americanized Latinos who were dragged to this country by their parents to live, at least whatever is left of it, the American Dream that our forefathers envisioned for this country. To many, this country is all they know, they pledge allegiance to our flag, they  sacrifice their lives for this country, they even pay taxes– yet their are certain people on Capitol Hill who want to deny these, and yea I’ll say it, Americans the opportunity to prosper and to become productive citizens of this society.

As the Latino race becomes more vigilant of its rights and its political prowess continues to grow and expand, we must seek these basic human rights for our people. To deny something as valuable as access to a higher education to a growing population is setting these children up failure. To live in a society where Latinos are continually  stigmatized on T.V. and other mass media outlets as non-educated, non-English speaking, System abusers, who come to this country and steal our jobs, and anything else you see on Fox news in particular, regarding Latinos. Whats funnier to me though are those Senators that voted against this bill,  are than the same people who are courting the Latino votes. Practically begging us to vote for them because ‘they have our best interests in mind.’ Our best interests lie in our people being given the opportunity to become productive, tax-paying, citizens of this great society.  To have the ability to pursue a higher education, where in most cases, they are the firsts in their family to do so. To be given the opportunity to serve in whatever branch of the military they so please, because honestly, if they are putting their lives on the line for our shared freedom then they should be given the opportunity to call themselves American citizens.

It’s so frustrating to have to live in an environment where at times their seems to be little hope. Where the children of this Country are subjected to the constant stereotypes that are portrayed everywhere we look. We need to stand up and claim this country as our as well. We have a right to claim our own piece of the American Corona, no matter how small that maybe. Together we can make a difference, we need to work with each other to demand our politicians that so desperately need our votes to win their elections, that we will no longer stand on the sidelines idly playing with our hands. Now is the time for us to organize and I believe we are bound to great things in the future.

A great quote from the article that is linked to this post which I believe summarizes everything I have tried to say here from Senator Bob Menedez: “This is a vote that will not soon be forgotten by a community that is growing not just in size, but also in power and political awareness.”

Let me know how you guys feel about this and maybe some of the ways we can work together to achieve the Dream for countless Americans across this country? Love and Peace




  1. Respect goes two ways, isn’t breaking American Immigration Laws also disrepect of the laws of this country? After reading several comments from various web-sites concerning The Dream Act, I notice that no one blames his or her parents for coming into this country illegally, it is every bodyelses’s fault but the criminal parent. Have any of you stop to consider, the limbo that these students now find themselves in is one of the pittfalls of coming into a country illegally. There are many children of American citizens whose parents are in jail, I don’t see them maurading in the streets to force the government into making them whole, let alone rewarding them for it. Entitlement is a concept that have gone astray in America.

    • @ Gloriaad, thanks for the comment and you do bring up some valid points. I won’t argue that the parents did break the law by coming into this country illegally. That being said, we should not be blaming the children who were brought here by their parents, who grew up here, who went to school here, who serve in our military, who wish to seek a higher education, who pledge allegiance to our flag, who are everything American without that little piece of paper otherwise that says otherwise. These children should not be penalized because of the mistakes of their parents. To generalize and compare these parents to criminals in jail is both unjust and unfair. The majority of people who came, and still come into this country, are not criminals– despite popular belief but are hard-working people who wish to better themselves and their families. My father was one of those people and despite him entering this country illegally, I refuse to classify him as a criminal.

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