Obama Is Set to Shuffle His Staff – NYTimes.com


I believe President Obama would be wise to change things up a bit now that he is heading toward uncharted territory, at least since he has been in office. I think its kinda funny that Obama has banned the word triangulation, it’s like c’mon man its just a word. But seriously speaking, after such a successful lame-duck session, despite the Senate not approving the Dream Act, President Obama should be holding his head high. I am definitely looking forward to the new year and what tricks the republicans have up their selves to de-rail President Obama and limit him to a one-term presidency.

“Despite all his time studying the Clinton administration, Mr. Obama told his aides that he had no intention of following the precise path of Mr. Clinton, who after the Democratic midterm election defeats of 1994 ordered a clearing of the decks inside the White House, installed competing teams of advisers and employed a centrist policy of triangulation. In fact, several advisers confirmed, the word “triangulation” has been banned by Mr. Obama because he does not believe it accurately describes his approach.”

via Obama Is Set to Shuffle His Staff – NYTimes.com.


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